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304 Buttry Rd 

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August 22,1961 


(301) 869-6374 (H) 

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Interview: August 28, 1999


Level: Top Secret 

Clearing Office: DOE  

Date Granted: October 20, 1999


Level: Top Secret

Clearing Office: DOD

Date Granted:September 8, 2000

Marital Status: †††††††††††††††††††† Married May 1, 2001 

Date Revised : ††††††††††††††††††††† November 11, 2001 

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To be employed in an environment that I can use my experience and knowledge in the Information Technology field and continue to gain the knowledge of new and innovative methods, techniques, and processes.

Professional Experience


General Dynamics Information Systems

†††† Arlington, VA

August 2000 to Present


NFCS/TLN Application Specialist (LAN Administrator)

Troubleshooting, testing, implementation, installation, configuration, of the Operating Environment and Hardware for the Naval Fire Control System (NFCS) software and the software development team. Setup and installation of DII-COE and Operating Systems on Sun, HP-UX, Windows NT/2000. Setup of Automated installation of Windows NT 4.0 which included installation of specific drivers and Office 2K Professional, Custom Version of Explorer, Diskkeeper 6.0, Norton Antivirus 2001, on a choice of 1 of 4 cPCI/VME Rack Mount Single Board Dual processor Computers (GMS Atlas V2P4 and C2P4) and RAID Data Redundancy process used by the set of computers. Beta testing and reporting for Peritek Video cards and Fujitsu Data Redundancy software. Network and Desktop Support of the Washington DC (WDC) Facility and the move from Arlington to Crystal City. Design and engineering of domain and sub domain structure for the multiple projects at the WDC facility. Some programs worked with (unless otherwise noted): Iona Corba, Rational Rose, Lotus Notes, Solaris 7.0, Project 2000, Visio 2000/2002




ACS Government Solutions Group, Inc. DOE

††††††† Gaithersburg, MD

December 1998 to August 2000


Senior Information Management Specialist (LAN Administrator)

Desktop Support of the DOE Quince Orchard Facility - Hardware and Software. Installation and troubleshooting of hardware, software, and computer systems. LAN administration - Account setup and Administration, Printer setup (Jetdirect), Migrations, Server (NT and Novell) Installation, Setup and Administration. Working within any area of the DOE to assist in any computer related needs, whatever they may be. Technical Documentation regarding Remote Access to the DOE network, Outlook Newsgroup and Web Access. Two Major migrations from ccMail to Exchange (Using Outlook for the User interface). Administration, Upgrading, and troubleshooting of multi-platform network environment (NT, Novell, Exchange) for the Training department. Administration and Desktop Support of the Secure Area of the DOE (Required a Top Secret security clearance)




ACI - at Manor Care Health Services

††††† Gaithersburg, MD

May 1998 to December 1998


Technical Support Specialist

Part of a 3 person team responsible for the rollout of PeopleSoft Human Resources software and Kronos Timekeeper C/S software testing, implementation, installation, documentation, security, and support using Citrix WinFrame Application servers (NT 3.51 flavor) in a multi-platform environment (Unix, Novell, NT) for 300 facilities.




CDSI - at Bupers Naval Annex

†††††† Washington, DC

May 1997 to May 1998


Information Management Specialist (LAN Administrator)

Responsible for the following functions for a user base of 3,000 users:


Daily Responsibilities: Made sure all aspects of the network were working and functional. These included connectivity to other mainframes in Mechanicsburg and Chambersburg PA, The SUN's connectivity to the internet and it's bi-daily backup. Novell and NT4.0 Server backups. Email Services applications (Exchange 5.0, Groupwise, SMTP Gateway). Trouble tickets. Anything related to the network environment.

All Trouble Tickets assigned to the LAN Management Center (LMC): Managed all Trouble Tickets - from Quality Controls and Distribution of tickets to technicians, to Accountability and Resolution of problems.

Backup and Restoration: For Compaq Proliant K 5000 NT Servers and Novell 3.11 servers.

Other Tasks and Acknowledgments: Setup of Two Compaq Proliant K 5000 NT Servers in Millington Tenn. with SMS, SQL, Wins and DHCP implemented. Letter of Appreciation from the Vice President of CDSI for the Quality of work noted by the Naval Customers. Setup of Remedy Helpdesk for testing and acceptance.


ISN Corporation

†††† Bethesda, MD

June to December, 1996 


LAN Technician/Administrator

Responsible for Setup, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of all Computer Functions at the Headquarters. Ranging from Building Computers and Print Sharing, to Setting up a Web site at the Headquarters. This includes All functions of Windows NT 3.51, as well as TPC/IP protocol. I designed the Web site using Microsoft programs and applications in HTML script. Installation of servers as well as workstations (WIN3.x, WIN 95, and WINNT). Other related functions are described in the following employment history.


Hekimian Laboratories

††††† Gaithersburg, MD

October, 1994 to June, 1996

Repair and Test Technician II

Component Level troubleshooting and Repair of Telecommunications Test equipment. Data entry of work assignments as well as setup of Excel databases. Worked for product Engineering doing research on components and calibration of equipment. Manufacturing Quality for the last quarter of 1995. Member of a Quality Assurance Group. Instrumental in setup of the programmable IC procedures used by the company. Wrote procedures for the Programmable ICís and the testing and calibration of various equipment. Worked with DOS, windows 3.11, Word, Excel, Access, EDMS, MANMAN, UNIX based Systems, Basic Programming.


Snows Affordable Computer Solutions

††††† New Market, MD

February, 1995 to July, 1996

Computer and Software Technician

Responsible for Installation, Troubleshooting, Sales, Repairs, and Setup of a wide variety of computers and related software from 286 systems to Pentium 166 MHz systems with 28.8 modems, 2 Gig hard drives, Tape Backups, MS Office Professional, Win 95, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Also did Phone Assistance, troubleshooting software problems with above.




Orange Technologies

††† Gaithersburg, MD

December 1996 to April 1997

Studies for an MCSE and CNA

NT 4.0 classes - Server, Workstation, SMS, Networking Essentials, Core Technologies, TCP/IP

Novell - NetWare 4 Administration


 Electronic Institutes

†††††††† Middletown, PA

1991 to 1994

Associates in Specialized Technology (Electronics And Computer Technology)

ISCET Certification and FCC Radiotelephone License.

Graduated 6th in Class.

Johnson and Wales College

††† Providence, RI

1981 to 1984

Associates of the Arts (Culinary Arts)


Madison High school

††† Madison, NJ



Diploma (Art Major)